Rick Scott’s Recortes a la Educación

  • Rick Scott recortó $1.3 mil millones de nuestras escuelas públicas
  • Los recortes de Rick Scott subieron el costo de estudiar en las universidades públicas de la Florida

Por Qué Lo Hizo?

  • Para beneficiar a las grandes corporaciones y los intereses especiales
  • Más para los poderosos, menos para nuestros hijos
This is another notable dissing of Hispanic voters by the Scott campaign. Months ago, high-profile Scott fundraiser Mike Fernandez, a Cuba-born Coral Gables health care executive, left the re-election effort amid accusations that campaign staffers had made disparaging comments about Hispanics using a bad Mexican accent.
Daniel Ruth, Tampa Bay Times
Scott’s approach to Hispanics, heretofore, has reinforced the reality that he’s more than an awkward, charisma-challenged politician. He has given the impression that he still doesn’t get the fact that it’s about more than Little Havana Republicans. That it’s about more than Cubans who enjoy special immigrant status.
Joe O’Neill, Tampa Tribune

“Yo no soy experto en la política pero yo sé el valor de un trabajo,” says Scott, which means “I’m not an expert in politics, but I know how valuable a job is.”

To many Hispanics, this is what they’re hearing: “Mira, no soy hispano tampoco como Jan Brewer, pero sé alcahuetear como cualquier político, aunque no soy experto en la política. Y yo sé el valor de una estafa.”

As in: “Look, I’m about as Hispanic as Jan Brewer, but I can pander like any other politician, even though I’m no expert in politics. And I know the value of a con job.”